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Best Backpack of 2019

Backpacks are truly are an underrated tool. As much as a phone is useful, a backpack can prove to be even more handier. Today I’m going to do a run down on the best backpacks you can get your hands on – I don’t mean just ordinary bags to carry, I mean the ultimate tool that will stay by your side for a very very long time. Not-to-mention, they all have some sort of amzazing yet quirky features.

Let’s kick off this list with the heavy-weight champion; the Prima System by Boundary Supply. The Prima System is more than just a bag – it’s in the name; it’s a system. As well as the backpack (more on that later), you get the Verge case and the Fieldspace folio – let’s talk about that first.

The Verge case is essentially a camera bag that literally fits  into the side of the backpack – giving you access to a camera quickly and directly from the side flap of the backpack. Not to mention, the Verge case can also be used as a standalone camera bag by removing the waist strap on the backpack and attaching it is a messenger strap. Did I mention the capacity of the Verge case can be expanded up-to 10 litres?! This really does scream modular and convenient. Secondly the Fieldspace folio – although many may not use it, I found it serves as a good alternative to my MacBook sleeve (13″ maximum size) – plus it boasts magnetic flaps and has compartments for your notebooks and pens.

Now onto the backpack. To put it simply, it’s amazing. I adore every aspect it – from the 30L capacity, techy look, to the awesome colour schemes, weather resistant materials, and to the accessory integrations. Oh yes, and the magnetic clips and flaps! The backpack is packed with nywool lined pockets, a generous sized main compartment, laptop compartment, and straps all over the place that enable you to hold gear whilst travelling. I genuinely have no complaints about the overall aesthetics, build quality, and features.

 But surely this backpack can’t be perfect? The truth is, it almost is – Boundary Supply itself is another story. Being a Kickstart company, you get the usual cons of being so. Just the order processing alone took 14 days – yes that long! Also, their customer support team via the mailbox is pretty poor – they pretty much know as much as you about your order and sometimes can take 72 hours for a simple reply. However, the Facebook team is pretty active and reply to Facebook messages within 24 hours. Furthermore, another important factor – the price. It’s not bad if you compare it to the Peak Design Everyday backpack. But their accessories, which you would most likely want due to the simple awesomeness, are quite pricey. $30 for a plain rain cover, $30 for a magnetic key clip, and a whopping $60 for a travel pouch – really?!



Despite the flaws with the service side and the price, this truly is an amazing backpack. With your $199, you get the backpack, the Verge case, and the Fieldspace folio – so you do get quite a lot. Build quality is top notch as well as functionality. Boundary Supply only use BlueSign fabrics and use have really have raised the bar on innovations such as the use of magnets and modular accessories. Although the gear is aimed at people with camera gear, you can easily adapt everything for your own needs – I am using it as my everyday carry. Finally, they have a lifetime warranty – I guess that offsets the price? Even though I have only touched the surface, the Prima System will almost definitely have your seal of approval.

  • durability. 85% 85%
  • compartments. 85% 85%
  • capacity. 80% 80%
  • ease of use. 90% 90%
  • price. 60% 60%
  • aesthetics. 95% 95%
  • warranty. 100% 100%

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